"My kids have never seen me run. And I can now. And I love it" -Corrine

"I prevent type 2 diabetes so I can keep traveling, taking pictures and enjoying my family the rest of my life" -Suzie

"This program has taught me that It’s not just about how long you live, it’s about how well you live" -Cynthia

The Prevent T2 program is a research-based structured online/ in person lifestyle change program developed specifically to reverse prediabetes. It is designed for people who have prediabetes or are at risk for type 2 diabetes, but who do not already have diabetes.

You will build habits to help you change certain aspects of your lifestyle, like eating healthier, reducing stress, and getting more physically active. The program also includes group support from others who share your goals and struggles.

This lifestyle change program is not a fad diet or an exercise class. It is a proven 12 month program designed to give you lasting results. Enjoy impactful weekly meetings for the first 4 months, then twice a month for months 5 and 6 and once a month for the last 6 months.

Though 12 months may seem like a long time. This is designed so that you can learn to conquer all the potential challenges to your health habits throughout the year. Handle birthdays, holidays, seasonal changes with confidence and ease, and remain on track on your health and wellness journey. We understand that learning new habits, gaining new skills, building confidence, and learning how to maintain your results takes time. As you begin to eat better and become more active, you’ll notice changes in how you feel, and even in how you look. As you get success in this area, you'll notice a ripple effect of success in other areas of your life as well.

This is for you if:

• You want to reverse prediabetes, prevent type 2 diabetes and related complications such as Kidney failure, heart disease, amputations, and stroke.

• You want to feel better and have more energy.

• You crave connection with other people who are improving their health.

• You have an open heart and are willing to change.

• You’re ready to engage and participate in conversations.

This is not for you if:

• You’re not willing to explore new ways of eating + thinking.

• You want fad diets.


You'll learn the unique Cheerful Habits system to build health habits with ease and joy, and how not to let let your thoughts, mindset and emotions sabotage your success.

It’s super easy, you just need a phone or computer! No traveling time! But if you prefer in person you are welcome to come to our local office at 2470 Windy Hill Rd SE, suite 300, Marietta GA 30067. Each session will cover an aspect of diabetes prevention. You’ll have an opportunity to share what’s going on with you, ask questions and learn about nutrition and behavior change techniques.

What do you say? Are you ready to prevent type 2 diabetes? Our conversations are practical + powerful + yield results. When you register you will receive all the information you need to succeed and start this journey.

In between sessions:

We also use an app to help you track food, and exercise. You can also get unlimited feedback from a dietitian/ coach on your progress in between sessions.

We also accept health insurance!


-American Specialty Health (ASH)


-Blue Cross Blue Shield








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"I love having a lifestyle coach. She has given us great information, helped me stay on track and stay positive!"

When my glucose levels and blood pressure started to increase, I knew I had to do something to reduce my risk of developing type 2 diabetes. When I mentioned my concerns to a friend, she told me about this lifestyle change program. I love the support and encouragement I get from the other program participants and the lifestyle coach. I enjoy making lifestyle changes such as cutting back on red meat and sugary drinks. I now keep my bike at work and take lunch-break rides around town to stay active!


"I’ve worked in medical research my entire adult life but always had a difficult time managing my weight. This program has taught me how to eat healthy and find an exercise routine that works for my schedule."

As a medical librarian in a hospital, I knew I needed to make changes to my lifestyle to stay out of the hospital as a patient—but I had a hard time actually doing it. Then I found this lifestyle change program. I was motivated to join the program to make sure I could play with my grandchildren for many years to come. I enjoy the program because I have met many people who also struggle with diet and exercise. We share healthy recipes and motivate each other to exercise. I now read food labels and ride a stationary bike for an hour a day. I am looking forward to a long, healthy life with my children and grandchildren.


"I’ve tried a lot of different diets and nothing has ever stuck. This seems to be sticking."

I’ve always loved food, and I never paid that much attention to what I ate before. My father had type 2 diabetes, and he passed away... I started noticing tingling in my hands, tingling in my feet, and started thinking I might be getting type 2 diabetes, and I needed to make a change. My favorite thing about the video series [in the online lifestyle change program] was the folks were very similar to me. My coach was awesome, sending me emails telling me I was doing well. If I had a question, she would always respond. I was pretty much your standard couch potato before the program. Now my wife and I go walking every day, sometimes as much as 2½ miles. I feel a lot better, I sleep better, and I’m more confident.


"Having a group of people with the same goals as me really motivated me to jump start healthy lifestyle changes."

After the death of my mother and a diagnosis of prediabetes, I was motivated to make healthy changes in my life to prevent type 2 diabetes. I was overweight and had high cholesterol, high glucose levels, and poor eating habits.I joined a lifestyle change program to take control of my life. During the program, I was surprised at how happy I was making healthy changes and how much I enjoyed learning from others in the group. I am now exercising regularly and learning strategies to cope with my emotional eating habits.


"All you need to do is give this program a try!"

When a friend mentioned this lifestyle change program to me, it piqued my interest. I had wanted to change my eating and exercise habits for some time, and I jumped at the opportunity to get started. I enjoy hearing different ideas and perspectives from others in the program and am motivated by the enthusiasm I see each week. Now, I am working on a daily routine that involves eating healthy and exercising.

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